Three-in-one Carpet Extractor is installed with one super powerful motor and can be operated easily in narrow space. The height of rolling brushes can be adjusted optionally for different kinds of carpets. Especial 4-row spray nozzle is able to spray cleaner onto the carpet deeply and evenly by high pressure to dissolve the dirt more quickly. It is also with one unique 4-row V rolling brush, whose 1185 RPM rolling speed improves cleaning effective and satisfactorily. Light solution tank is large enough for cleaning the carpet thoroughly, as well as carding the matted fibre to make the carpet clean and soft again. At the same time, special and fast dirt drain valve can save more time and labour.


220 V/50 HZ
3200 mm
Force of Water Pump
4.2 bar
Max. of Pumping Water
3.8 L
Min Operating Width
500 mm
Speed of Roll Brush
1185 rpm
Clean Water Tank Capacity
32 L
Length of Cable
16 M
50 kg


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